Chris Court Biography

Elegent composition and natural lighting are what make Chris Court the favourite food photographer/director of Creative Directors and Publishers for food and lifestyle interiors imagery.

His imagery oozes delicousness, and whilst his final images feel effortless, his attention to detail and creative collaborative relationships are the fundimentals of his international success.

Chris shares his time between his commercial and ediorial clients in Sydney & San Francisco.  Beloved by Donna Hay, Gourmet Traveller, Oporto, David Jones, Nestle, Merivale, Williams Senoma, Lindt, Campbells, Woolworths, Martha Stewart, Vogue Living etc, Chris is the recipient of several Food-Media ‘Best Photgrapher ‘ awards for his beautiful work.

Sibling of style infulencer and author Sibella Court, they often collaborate on books and other creative projects together, including Etcetera etc, Gypsy, Bowerbird.  Cookbooks include

Three little kids and a beautiful property just outside of Sydney, complete the story of FLIPP’s latestest fave new Artist.

Chris’s Advertising clientele include; Donna Hay, Harvey Norman, Oporto, Domino’s, McDonalds, Nespresso and more.