Ian & Erick Regnard Capture The Joy of Summer in Australia
February 28, 2019 · 0 Comment ·

Photographers Ian & Erick Regnard have captured the essence of the Australian summer in a series of personal work showcasing the excitement of a backyard barbecue.

Each image radiates warmth and transports you back to afternoons spent watching slow-paced backyard cricket games, listening to great music in the boot of a car and having a few laughs with friends before the sun goes down.

This series encapsulates the best elements of the Australian summer and we’re now looking ahead to all of the wonderful days spent in the sun we’ll have when the season rolls around again.


This project came about after the brothers shot a series of old shacks at Wedge Island and someone mentioned an annual Australia Day cricket game to them.

“I was picturing myself photographing characters in knee pads playing in the scorch summer sun,” Ian explains, “but as it turned out they just dress up for the occasion.

“When I got back to the office I thought of adding a golden grade to the photos to really highlight and accentuate the hardness of the summer sun amongst the dry coastal vegetation.”