Jem Cresswell Highlights The Elegance Of Nature With Jurlique
April 24, 2019 · 0 Comment ·

When you find a simple and elegant series of images highlighting the magnificence of nature, Jem Cresswell probably created it. For his latest project, Jem has directed this 60″ content piece with The Hive for biodynamic beauty brand Jurlique.

Jurlique loves all things natural, so Jem’s eye for light, colour and texture was perfect for this project. Each image captures the essence of the brand, whilst also showing how elegant the Australian countryside – specifically a biodynamic farm in the Adelaide Hills – can be. Roses, chamomile and lavender sway in the wind, the sun shines through thick trees, even the hay bails look amazing!

Jem was able to perfectly capture the brand’s ethos by blending photographic skills with his eye for landscape to direct a wonderfully delicate video everyone will watch to feel calm.