Karima Asaad (Keri Megelus)

Karima’s unique ability to capture a moment that evokes our curiosity and invites us to engage us with the subject has a raw and slightly voyeuristic feel.  However her thoughtful composition and clever conceptualization give us the sense of comfortably existing within the scene.


Spontaneous and intimate, Karima’s work epitomises the new direction of photography.


Utilizing ambient lighting, and with a unique capacity for elking outstanding natural performances out of both real and professional talent, Karima’s world feels poignant and honest.

Recently returned to Sydney from London where she worked as photojournalist and freelance creative photographer, Karima’s images capture sponteneity and intimacy.


Karima’s Charlie Hebdo protest series featured in SUITCASE, and shot the stills for Rate Me, which was awarded the prize for Best Short at Directors’ Fortnight at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.