Stuart Crossett Helps To Rid The World Of Lung Cancer Stigma
April 11, 2019 · 0 Comment ·

Photographer Stuart Crossett has joined forces with Lung Foundation Australia and OPR Agency to help fight the stigma surrounding lung cancer. With a series of strong images, this campaign hopes to inform the public about stigma and how harmful it can be for those living with the disease.

Lung Foundation Australia and OPR Agency named the campaign FFS!, or Free From Stigma, to highlight the medical community and their feelings towards stigma. Stuart shot a variety of nurses, doctors and other medical professionals for the campaign, all of whom have seen the effects of lung cancer stigma first hand.

After losing his brother to lung cancer in 2017, Stuart’s personal attachment to the campaign made him the perfect person to express the frustration of the medical community and hopefully, inform the public about how harmful stigma can be when diseases such as lung cancer are involved.