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In the trenches together

We come from advertising agencies ourselves. So we know what it’s like. To be there. In the heat. In the glare. Like a magnifying glass sizzling an ant with the sun.

It's about the fizz.
We love to understand people. To listen. Relate. 

Impossible is just an (unnecessary) state of mind. Whatever dirties your martini.

We have pride in our art, our artists, our partnerships; the collaborations. Our foundations. We love being challenged. Telling stories, the expressions of you. Your business. Your clients. Crafting the message.

We love what it means for you. With us you know it’s not going to be a problem. 

The philosophy

The breed of folk we are, who we work with; honest, principled, candid.
The kind of community we have.

We create connections, bonds, strong, lasting long, with our clients, our people. It's the trust we lust for. 




“My brain is a business brain. The commercial world is my world of expertise. I am the balance to my artists. I do it to give them space to create their own beautiful fine art, and translate that, taking their commercial work to the next level.”

Seeker of joy Joclyn, is verve. determination. gumption and gusto. Maybe even oomph. She’s a CPS: creative problem solver. And a risk taker.
Now she is the HMFWIC, the big gavoom, the flight to Boston, the Tony Danza of FLIPP, who through bloody mindedness tortured her introversion with social exposure until it just gave up.
“Production translated well to my determination to do interesting and curious things. I could make curious and interesting things happen,” she said.
Which led to her working on Stars Wars, the Matrix and The Quiet American, and as a location scout for Australia’s Most Wanted (She looked for places that looked like famous murder sites, not just good places to commit murder.)
She has also worked in advertising agencies, and has worked as: a line producer, casting manager, location scout and manager, travel coordinator, art department and costume coordinator.
And through FLIPP has produced a community of staff and artists, and a glorious superabundance of TVC’s, international stills campaigns and social media content.
“I like freedom. I am also very much about integrity. And fun. And joy. And beauty. And I am the luckiest person I know.”


“I love my artists’ creativity. My job is understanding how every artist is different, understanding their process, how their mind works and being part of that. I love seeing artists push their own boundaries on a brief, and bring that creativity to life for a client.”

Dan wanted to be a dolphin trainer when he was a kid but now his parents don’t even know what he does for a living.

“I have flashbacks trying to explain to my parents what I do. They are still not sure.”

But we know what he does, and while his talents are a big loss for the odontocetes order of small cetaceans, you will be glad he turned his back on those long-nosed fish murderers.

Dan is an accomplished EP & Agent from the UK and is girt by international production and has strong industry contacts across APAC, EMEA and North America. 

He’s experienced in stills, live action, illustration, digital art and mixed media projects; from ideas to development and pitch, art buying, client, supplier and studio management, through to full integrated production. 

Dan works bloody hard: he’s a solutioner, driven and determined and serious but relaxed, with a commercial and collaborative approach. 

“I am a collaborator. I love that. I love that my days are never going to be the same and I wake up at stupid o’clock to map them out. Our world is definitely a roller coaster but we have to experience the bad to really appreciate the good times, that's for sure.”



“I like to ask questions. I'm curious, you know. I like to stick my nose into things that they shouldn't sometimes but that’s how I learn things. I can sense if someone is in trouble, or overworked or needs help. I can see it.”

Anetta, is the tough Polish chick, commander of a droll sense of humour, rouseabout type, with a mug on her desk that says “I’m always right”.

An all knowing, all seeing, all hearing, seer of seers, sometime human extension cord, and implementer, and executor of big ideas.

If our General Manager had a wrestling name it would be The Rock (Sorry Dwayne Johnson but you have nothing on Anetta - and The Glue sounds weird and more than a touch creepy/illegal).

She has a background in broadcast production, is a paragon of organisation, has a devotion to detail, and is smarter than you can poke a stick at.

Anetta told her mum she was going to Australia for six months but she fell into a long term relationship ... with FLIPP. 

Her role has grown, as we have grown. She has a big heart.



““I like to say if I could control the weather, I really would be able to do it all. And sometimes with the right amount of tarps and wet weather accoutrements from Bunnings it feels like I can.”

Our adamantine Anastasia will do anything for the shot.
In advertising, being stubbornial, stubborn and in denial about the concept of the impossible, is specifically what is needed.
And she seeks everyone, even strangers, to do anything for her shoot.
Like trying to convince the only clear kayak maker in New Zealand to drive 14 hours for her shoot. 
Or explaining to an experienced mountain guide, how the weather hadn’t turned, and they didn’t need to chopper out immediately.
Or making friends with 70 cruise ship passengers so they’d be extras, and lend their designer luggage.
“I have a friendly but tenacious nature which means people know that I just won’t go away if I need something, they often find it easier to just accommodate me.”

It’s better than any rubbish Jedi mind trick.

She wanted to be an actress and a firefighter as a kid, which now gives a Freudian insight.
“I now interpret it as meaning I wanted to create situations for myself where I needed to put out fires. And production is a bit of both. You act like everything’s cool, but sometimes you’re putting out fires.”
Anastasia creates full scale productions in still and moving images. She has an art buying and print production background with illustration, installation and digital experience.
She also studied photography in Paris, and worked overseas before rejoining production paradise.  Ana loves the adrenaline-relief shandy that comes from creativity, making things work when timing, budget and imagination say they can’t.
“I love working with artists with technical prowess and ways of seeing the world which astound me. I like to think about everything so our clients don’t have to. We like to say anything for the shot.”


“I love country music and cowboy boots. That sums me. I love all of the imagery, my favourite photos and films in the world are western. I love the honesty of them, which you can apply to everything. Everything has an honest and very simple reason to be where it is and do what it does.”

Haydon moved to Sydney, with boots, from the Brahman infested Gulf Country, from the cows to the city sheeple, to study sound engineering. 

But through working on music videos he changed dance partners; it was the visual that seduced him.

“Through an accident I fell in love with visual imagery and video and photography, and how it shapes the identity of something, whether it be music, a person, a book, a product, it can be anything. 

“And now here I am. I’m doing something I love doing, I’m not going to get bored.”

Haydon, who’s as wise as a walrus, said every new brief raises the question, the demand, of how to make that happen. It’s the problem solving, sorting through solutions, and the creativity in that, that draws his water.

While he doesn’t go around treating everything as a western film, he is drawn to the idea of applying the simple, honest way of reasoning. 

That bucolic balance, understanding; the way he was raised. 

But he’s not bound by one way of doing things, and inoculates work with energy and enthusiasm.

“Everything has a solution, nothing is the end of the world. All you need is a good pair of boots. That’s all you need to get through life. There need to be more good things. Things that will last.”



“I love working with creative people, learning more about the world and creating something beautiful out of a blank canvas. I love giving my work a heartbeat and soul; if I'm not emotionally connected to it - then I haven't done my job.”

Some call her the Preditor: a producer, director and editor hybrid.

She is technologically advanced but not in the ‘corpse-skinning alien who stalks and hunts people down’ kind of way. Well, not yet

Our in-house editor and post-production producer, Audrey, whose nickname is Dre, is an introverted extrovert, and has no idea how it really works but it is who she is.

She loves the beat, and dancing, and says that kind of rhythmic prancing goes hand-in-hand with editing.

“Music is the heart of what I do. Dancing is about rhythm, and when I’m editing I’m usually listening to music. There is the beat. And videos have their own beat. They are both emotional. Showing people’s emotions through storytelling. Communicating a message visually.”

Audrey’s intuition, creativity and skills, and collaboration with our artists, raises our clients’ beats.

She’s an editing weapon; her attention to detail, care and flair translate in Premiere. Yeah it rhymes, get over it.

And has domestic and international experience in advertising and social media markets.

In complete food rapture, Audrey is also a shooter (capturing moments that would otherwise be lost forever), and emerging short documentary filmmaker.