Emma Knowles Biography

Despite the high profile position she enjoys as Food and Style Director at the prestigious Australian Gourmet Traveller, Emma Knowles still manages to ensure that she gets to enjoy her passion for fresh, delicious and inspiring food whilst writing recipes and styling the shoots.

Inspired by the beautiful aesthetic qualities that fresh produce and clever merchandising can bring to a product, Emma’s qualification as a chef creates a perfect harmony of technical skill, food knowledge and her personal style.

Emma’s styling is influenced by her strong interest in food cultures and all the elements that are bought together to create a beautiful meal.  Emma’s attention to detail is wonderful to watch as she considers everything: from the recipe’s origin as well as its current application, selecting the best produce, through to finding the perfect prop.

Emma’s styling is always perfectly on brief.

Emma is also frequently utilised for her recipe development skills.  Commercially the clients love this skill that she practices daily in her role at Gourmet Traveller, and previously for the Donna Hay publications.

Blessed with a relaxed charm, Emma is one of Australia’s busiest food stylists in both the advertising and editorial worlds, and her ability to never seem overwhelmed makes her beloved of clients and photographers alike.

Without peer, the food imagery that Emma produces is both inspirational and yet completely accessible.

Emma’s Advertising clients include Nestle, Qantas, Continental, Ella Bache, SBS television, Sara Lee, Carnation Milk TVC, Plaidstowe, Australian Egg Board, Lindt, Energy Australia, Woolworths, Spanish Trade Commission, Campbells, Twinings , Toyota and several of Australia’s top restaurants.