Stuart Crossett Biography

Stuart has always looked at life through the lens of a camera. The first Olympus OM1 fell into his hands when he was 14, and he has never looked back.

One of Australia’s most in-demand commercial photographers, Stuart is respected for his creative collaboration with some of Australia’s best creatives, to make some of Australia’s most humorous and heart-felt commercial campaigns.

Burning buildings, jumping cars and giant snow domes, snakes, lions, elephants and insects …. nothing is too technical or too much trouble for this artist of endless resource.  Clever, experienced and easygoing, Stuart is the man you want for the tricky brief’s.

Stuart’s collaborations on commercial campaigns have won him numerous awards, both locally and international, including Cannes, One Show, Communication Arts, Award, MADC, ACMP, and inclusions in Lurzer’s Archive ‘200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide’ on multiple occasions.

But for Stuart the greatest reward is working with people – art directors, producers, clients – to produce outstanding photography that works, and to have a damn good time doing it.

Stuarts Advertising clients include; ANZ, Bega, John West, Spec Savers, Metro AFL, Mars, Adidas, Durex, Sorbent, Nissan, Perfect Italiano, Stihl, Big M, Taronga Zoo and Tetley.