Jem Cresswell Biography

Jem just loves environments and is equally captivated by both built and natural spaces.

Awarded by his peers as one of the top water photography specialists worldwide, Jem Creswell’s unique composition, and creative technical application, has also made him the newest guy to watch. The combination of his technical and creative eye, makes his imagery absolutely compelling!

Evoking a myriad of emotions … tranquility, wonder, escapism, amazement and awe, Jem’s commercial and personal art clients love this characteristic of his imagery and how it applies to their brand.

Jem has been commissioned to work in the Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, Puerto Rico, Panama, Barbados, Antigua, South Africa and Namibia, as well as all over Australia and New Zealand.

A skilled architectural photographer, a mean retoucher, and an all round great guy, Jem’s sense of adventure is his driving force!

Jem has just shown his first joint exhibiton with the incredible artist Martine Emdur at the Olsen Irwin Gallery.

Clients include Chris Craft, Premier Marine, Savasi Island, Fairfax & Roberts, The Pearl Bora Bora and various other Tourism, Hotel and Lifestyle brands, Auto and Retail, and numerous international publications.