We are excited to be able to extend our offering into new, diverse Artistic realms. In so doing we are able offer our clients the same nimble, production services across a variety of disciplines.

Teaming with a fantastic array of Illustrators, Animators, Typographers, Graphic & Motion Designers, Experiential Artists, VFX and Compositors, we truly have a stellar line up.

The Artists involved in the FLIPPcoLab partnership are some of the best in their field, whose work we greatly admire.

Their creative ingenuity, precision and professionalism was harnessed in our first collaboration where the amazing local Artists from all disciplines on the unique holiday message ‘Be a Good Egg – Stay at Home this Easter’.

We are looking forward to the exciting opportunities that will arise from this new union. Check out the reel to see the work from the FLIPPcoLaborators and please get in touch for all partnership enquiries.