The FLIPPsters collaborated with an amazing array of local Artists from all disciplines to encourage each and every one of us to ‘Be a Good Egg – Stay at Home this Easter’.

The overarching concept for this very important message was devised by the supremely talented Artist Luca Ionescu of Like Minded Studios, who is also responsible for the Egg Illustration, Typography and Direction.

FLIPP Photographer/Director Rob Palmer had a great time constructing the narrative and shooting these bad asses in his studio, with our editor Audrey Svoboda compiling the stop-motion beautifully and enhancing it with SFX.

This eggsellent video was shared across social media and was the genesis for some of our new FLIPPcoLab friends to create their own artistic interpretations of the message below.

A big thank you to all our FLIPPcoLaborators who pulled these incredible rabbits out of their hats in less than two days!  Stay tuned for more details on the FLIPPcoLab.

FLIPPcoLab Concept & Illustration – Mitch Viney
FLIPPcoLab Concept & Illustration – Silly Pear
FLIPPcoLab Concept & Illustration – Veronika Fojtova
FLIPPcoLab Concept & Lithography – Jessica Benhar
FLIPPcoLab Concept & Illustration – Thanh Lu