FLIPP food stylist Jacque Malouf has been keeping quite busy lately cooking meals for members of her local community who have been feeling the working from home pinch. She has cooked 4 meals so far, based on what has been available in this time of war-like rationing and has already served over 120 people.

The day before cooking the meals, Jacque sends an email out into the community with details of what she will be making and how to collect it. All food is prepared in Jacque’s home kitchen and is usually picked up within an hour or two from her front doorstep – adhering to safe social distancing.

Jacque has started this amazing project entirely of her own accord with no helpers. She is striving to make home life easier for those in her community who are juggling WFH, cabin fever, children and home-schooling and we’ve heard that she is enjoying it.

So far Jacque has cooked;

Lebanese spiced lamb rice with cinnamon pulled chicken, chick peas, buttered almonds and salted yoghurt.

Creamy chicken, leek, mushroom and white wine stew with tarragon and smoked garlic.

Pork and fennel bangers and mash with roasted red onion gravy.

Bazella – Lebanese spiced braised lamb and peas with buttered rice.

Stay safe all!