Artist Stuart Miller has been photographing people living their best iso lives in his ‘Quarantine Portrait’ series in collaboration with Melbourne photographer Rhys Graham. People in the series are Sydney creatives who have been observing safe social distancing recommendations and in many cases are sadly unable to find work. Stuart shot these portraits from a safe distance and often through windows.

Pictures are of  Writer / Musician / Model – Alys Hale, DJ / IT – Troy Beman, Director / Painter – Claus Stangl & Music Producer / Musician – Sharika, Graphic Designer – Matt Jackson, Mel Adams & EA / Photographer – James Adams, Freelance Producer – Laura Midalia, Gran – Betty Miller, Photographer – Nick Lawrence, Ave – Baby & Product Manager – Bree Davis, Producer – Bella Childs, Writer – Katie Cunningham.

Stay home, stay in touch with each other and stay safe friends!