Filmmaking duo Stuart Miller and Claus Stangl have created a stunning short portraying the hardworking Coopers of East Glasgow. ⁠⁠
The Cooper was shot in the wee hours of a few ice cold mornings at the Fishers Cooperage in East Glasgow. Narrated with an original poem by Dario Stangl, the film is a gritty window into the work of Coopers. ⁠⁠

The Cooper has won titles like Best Cinematography at the Cannes Indie Shorts Awards and the IPFF Most Wonderful Film Award as well as being selected as finalist in many more. ⁠⁠

We’re super excited to share their latest short film – a poetic portrait of the hardworking Coopers of East Glasgow.

Visit the website:


Graham McGhee and the team at Fishers Cooperage in East Glasgow for welcoming us into their lives on those ice cold mornings.

Claus. The other half of this new filmmaking duo. Always pushing our films to better and stronger places on every level.

Darrio Stangl for his beautiful, original poem.

Andy Lawerence for his drone skills and camera support.

The team at Rumble Studios – especially Liam Annert for his sound design craft of super-hero level. And Darren Lim for his gritty score that elevated the film.

Sharika Toth for her outstanding audio supervision in helping translate our noises and mouth-sound effects into clear directions for her team.

Melissa McStay for her wonderful narration.

Yanni Kronenberg for is expert colour grade,  keen eye and patience.