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However… Kristine has just wrapped, bedecked and baubled several of Darrell Leas’s famous Christmas nougat puddings for their upcoming festive season advertising campaign. As they were made especially for the shoot (being a seasonal product), they were out of bounds for sampling, and so Kristine and the team at Moon Design had the perfect excuse to abstain from overindulging.

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If ever you needed (or wanted) a tour of any of the 11 bars and restaurants owned by the Thomas Hotel Group, then Vanessa knows them all intimately. From the African themed Hippo Bar and Lounge at the Madison hotel in Surry Hills, to the iconic art deco pub “The Lakes” in Rosebury, Vanessa’s images will soon be showcased on all the hotels’ websites. Travelling around to the locations with stylist Emma Elizabeth Coffey, the girls worked on capturing the different feel of each establishment, …

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Biotherm Homme’s current campaign featured the fabulous abs of Australia’s hottest young TV host Tom Williams. Whilst maintaining the integrity of the global marketing of Biotherm Homme’s masculine clean portraiture, Scott and Biotherm added a uniquely Australian element. Depicting Tom in his natural environment (in the water on the beach) it was relevant to the Australian men’s skincare market, and perfectly complimented the premium international brand.

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